Articles & Research

Autism and Technology

Author/s: Shekhar Mukherji and Herculano Castro Keywords: Autism; Technology; Multimedia Technology plays a...> MORE

A New Tool For Autism

Author/s: Herculano Castro Keywords: Autism; Technology; Outcomes Mentaur, in conjunction with the Spanish...> MORE

Growing Older With Autism

Author/s: Shekhar Mukherji Keywords: Autism; Ageing There are a host of challenges for people growing older with...> MORE

The growth of dementia in learning...

Author/s: Shekhar Mukherji Keywords: Learning Disability; Ageing People with a learning disability are living...> MORE

The Safeguarding Project

Author/s: Project led by Herculano Castro and project report by Teresa Oliveira Keywords: Zero tolerance; Abuse;...> MORE