10th AUTISM-EUROPE Congress

International Congress Date: 26th - 28th September, 2013 Location: Budapest, Hungary  Herculano Castro...> MORE

Mentaur Group Series of Workshops

Mentaur Group Date: 9th October - 20th November, 2013 Location: Northampton, U.K. As part of the on-going actions...> MORE

Personalisation - A challenge for...

Mentaur International Conference Date: 15th June, 2013 Location: Porto, Portugal Following the 2007 U.K.'s...> MORE

Tough times call for innovation

BILD Conference Date: 5th October, 2012 Location: Milton Keynes, U.K. 'BILD Conference 2012 highlighted the...> MORE

Autismo de alto funcionamento /...

Autismo Burgos International Congress Date: 22nd - 24th March, 2012 Location: Burgos, Spain The Autismo Burgos...> MORE

The National Autistic Society...

The National Autistic Society Conference Date: 28th - 29th February, 2012 Location: Manchester, U.K. 'This...> MORE

My life as I get older - Age,...

Mentaur Group in co-operation with BILD Date: 3rd February, 2012 Location: Manchester, U.K. The Mentaur Group,...> MORE

The future of learning...

Care Management Matters Convention Date: 8th September, 2011 Location: Manchester, U.K. Following the workshop in...> MORE

The care opportunities convention

Care Management Matters Convention Date: 7th June, 2011 Location: Birmingham, U.K. Isabel Melo and Shekhar...> MORE

Dementia in learning disabilities:...

Mentaur Group in co-operation with BILD Date: 12th November, 2010 Location: Milton Keynes, U.K. The conference...> MORE

IV Biennial of Autism - 25 years:...

APPDA Norte (Portuguese Association for Autism Spectrum Disorders) Date: 26th - 27th November, 2010 Location: Vila...> MORE

IX International congress...

International Congress Date: 8th - 10th October, 2010 Location: Catania, Italy Herculano Castro represented...> MORE

10th Alzheimer’s Disease India

ARDSI National Conference, SCTIMST Date: November, 2005 Location: Trivandrum, India Shekhar Mukherji,...> MORE

20th International Conference of...

International Conference Date: 15th - 17th October 2004 Location: Kyoto, Japan Shekhar Mukherji, Mentaur’s...> MORE