Autism Awareness Week: How can we do more to support people with Autism?

April 09, 2016

As Autism Awareness Week for 2016 draws to a close, there’s just one last but very important question to answer. How can we do more to help and support people with Autism?

Firstly, we must always first and foremost see the person before the condition. Similarly, we must respect that autism affects individuals in different ways and not assume that one person with autism will be the same as another. We should always treat people with autism with the same respect and interest as we ourselves would expect.

We must always be mindful that people with autism in varying degrees will see and experience the world around them differently to other people; as such, we must always treat people with autism with patience and consideration, as they may find day to day life overwhelming at times.

Since opening in 1988 Mentaur has been committed to delivering an exceptional specialist service and over the years we have played our part in improving the lives of people living with autism. In each of our homes, environments are designed to be autism friendly, with features including low arousal patterns throughout the premises, adjustable lighting and sensory rooms. Furthermore we previously held a conference about Autism & Ageing, aiming to raise awareness of this growing issue. We have also led and contributed to the research and development of an objective tool to measure quality of life outcomes of people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Even though Autism Awareness Week is now at an end, here at Mentaur we remain committed to raising awareness of autism and its effects, not just this week, but all year round!

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