Autism Awareness Week: Special Interests and Routines

April 06, 2016

We often find that people with autism sometimes have a special interest in items or events and will go above and beyond to become experts in their special interest subject. Similarly, people with autism sometimes take comfort from patterns and regimes, and can find it difficult to manage a change in their routine.

People with autism may develop special interests and routines for varied reasons. Routines and obsessions provide people with autism with structure and predictability, helping them to cope with the uncertainties of day to day life. Also, people with autism sometimes use their knowledge around their special interest as a conversation starter in social situations, where otherwise they may feel uncomfortable and unsure. 

Here at Mentaur we support people with autism to engage with their routines and special interests where possible in a healthy way and respect the importance of routines and interests to people with autism.

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