Meet Marcelo, Team Member at Stoke House

January 08, 2016

Marcelo joined the Mentaur team back in November 2015 after relocating from Portugal. After a busy Christmas and New Year, we thought we’d take the opportunity to speak with Marcelo to find out he has settled in to life in England and at Stoke House.

How have you found your first few months in your new role at Mentaur?

It’s been great! The first two months at Mentaur have been busy and fast paced, full of opportunity to learn, and really fun. Before I made the move to England, back in Portugal I’d just finished my Master’s degree in Psychology, and it’s great to put some of the things I learnt whilst studying into action as a Support Worker at Mentaur.

What have you learnt so far?

I’ve learnt so much! I’ve spent a lot of my time so far learning about the needs of the people living here at Stoke House and how best I can support them. Since the day I started I’ve been eager to develop and learn, and I’ve already had that opportunity; just this week I’ve been promoted and I’m now a Senior Support Worker, which is very exciting! In my new role I can now start learning about medication and finance management, plus I’ll start leading the team during shifts soon. I can’t wait!

How have you found working at Stoke House?

The team have been fantastic. Everyone has been really welcoming and happy to help me each step of the way and I’ve made lots of new friends. The environment is different to what I was used to, it is very busy and can be demanding at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, working here is really rewarding.

What’s it like living in Northampton after moving from Portugal?

Oh it’s great. Northampton is a lovely place to live in and a few weekends ago I took my first trip to London, so I’ve certainly taken the opportunity to explore! One of the things I’m keen to do is to start driving again – I’ve already driven once or twice whilst in the UK but I’m still trying to get used to everything being on the opposite side!

What would you say to people considering a career at Mentaur?

I’ve already been telling all of my friends back home about the opportunities available at Mentaur! In just the first few months here I feel at home, happy, busy and pleased to be supporting people at Stoke House. I’ve already had the opportunity to develop professionally and progress my career. I’m very happy, and I’m looking forward to what the next months and years at Mentaur will bring!

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