Meet Maria, one of our senior support workers at MDORC

October 01, 2015

Maria moved from Portugal to the UK in June this year to work for the Mentaur Day Opportunities Resource Centre (MDORC) in Northampton. It’s been a busy first few months for Maria so we met with her at the centre to find out more about her experiences so far.

Before Mentaur, what type of industry did you work in?

In Portugal I worked in childcare and more recently in the tourism industry. I enjoyed working in both of these sectors, however the only work available to me was seasonal, and I wanted to find an opportunity offering more security and the chance to progress my career.

 How did you hear about the opportunities available at Mentaur?

I saw the role advertised online, and felt that, although it would be a challenge, I had lots of good experiences I could bring to Mentaur, so I thought that it would do no harm to apply!

How did you find relocating to the UK?

It was a big change! Working away from home and in a new role was tough at first, but Mentaur were incredibly helpful every step of the way, supporting me in securing my legal documentation and helping me to find somewhere to live. In just a few months not only do I feel more at home but I’ve had the opportunity to develop my knowledge in a rewarding career and hone my English language skills.

What would you say to people considering relocating to the UK to work for Mentaur?

I would say that moving to a different country for work is a big decision and people should consider it carefully, however my career in care so far with Mentaur has already been a truly rewarding experience. Working in the care industry isn’t always easy, but just a few months in I know I will have countless opportunities available to me at Mentaur to progress my career and develop my knowledge. Mentaur is a growing company, and it’s great being part of the team!

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