Meet Renato, one of our Team Leaders at Stoke House

September 29, 2015

Renato has been part of the team at Stoke House since January 2013 after moving from Portugal to embark on a career in the care industry. We spoke with Renato to find out more about his time at Mentaur and his relocation to the UK.

Before Mentaur, what type of industry did you work in?

I previously worked in photography back in Portugal, which was obviously quite different from my current role!  At the time I wanted to find a fresh challenge offering more stability and the chance to progress.

How did you hear about the opportunities available at Mentaur?

I was introduced to Mentaur when their online advert was shared with me. I liked what the company stood for and knew people working in the care sector who had recommended the role to me, so I thought I’d take a chance and apply.

How did you find relocating to the UK?

Initially it was a little bit daunting, what with the paperwork that needed to be completed, and of course leaving my family behind in Portugal. But for each hurdle there was an easy solution and after just a few weeks I felt completely at home.  Plus, what with Portugal being in the same time zone as the UK, it’s easy to arrange Skype calls with my family and friends back home!

What is it like to work at Mentaur and live in the UK?

It has been and continues to be a hugely rewarding experience. I started at Mentaur as a Support Worker, and in just under three years I have been promoted to Team Leader; every step of the way Mentaur have provided me with the opportunity to progress and learn. Also, it’s been great having the opportunity to hone my English Language skills, supported by the team at Stoke House and Mentaur. Everyone working at Mentaur has an equal opportunity to progress their career and better themselves. To anyone considering making the move to work for Mentaur, I’d say take the chance – with hard work and commitment, you’ll have countless opportunities available to you! 

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