Meet the new members of our Bedfordshire team

November 24, 2015

Meet the new members of our Bedfordshire team

Not only have our homes in Northampton opened their doors to new starters, but our Bedfordshire teams have also been welcoming our recent recruits, following our Induction Day in November. We spoke with our new colleagues in Bedford to find out how they had found their first few days at Mentaur.

“I’m very excited to be here at Mentaur. It’s a wonderful job, varied and fulfilling, and I’m particularly enjoying getting to know the people living here at Aurora House. The Induction Day gave me not only an insight into Mentaur but a basis of what to expect in the UK and information about my new home town, Bedford, which was incredibly useful. I love working in the care sector and my goal is to develop my knowledge and progress my career, and I know Mentaur as a company will offer me the opportunity to do just that.

How would you sum up Mentaur in one word?  Desafiador (Challenging). I wanted to be challenged and motivated, and to be given the opportunity to learn new things, and I know my new role at Mentaur will give me that chance.

Sergio Rodrigues, Aurora House


“My first few days at Mentaur have been great and it’s already been a really rewarding experience. The team both at Head Office and in the home have been very friendly and professional since the day I arrived, and the Induction Day last week gave me the opportunity to make lots of new friends! It’s nice to know we’re all learning at the same time and that we can help and support one another; my new role at Mentaur presents me with a new challenge but I’m enjoying learning new things and developing my skills.

How would you sum up Mentaur in one word? Importante (Important). We offer vital support to vulnerable adults, and I respect the importance of my role at Mentaur.”

Sonia Silva, Lotus House


“It’s been an excellent start to what I hope will be a long career for me working at Mentaur. Previously back in Portugal I worked within the care sector and it was something I wanted to continue with; my new role at Mentaur has given me the opportunity to learn more and take on fresh challenges. I enjoy helping people and it’s great to be working alongside like-minded individuals. I’ve been made to feel right at home since my first day; Mentaur have been informative and helpful since I first applied for the position and I’m very glad to be here!

How would you sum up Mentaur in one word? Motivador (Motivating).”

Eduardo Santos, Lavanda Villa


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