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For the past years we have actively worked to produce and disseminate knowledge in the areas we work with. We have developed a dynamic programme of conferences either by organising events ourselves or in partnership with other reputed organisations.

Here are our past contributions:

Latest Conferences

10th AUTISM-EUROPE Congress

International Congress Date: 26th - 28th September, 2013 Location: Budapest, Hungary  Herculano...> MORE

Mentaur Group Series of Workshops

Mentaur Group Date: 9th October - 20th November, 2013 Location: Northampton, U.K. As part of the ongoing...> MORE

Personalisation - A challenge for...

Mentaur International Conference Date: 15th June, 2013 Location: Porto, Portugal Following the 2007...> MORE

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Latest Research

Autism and Technology

Author/s: Shekhar Mukherji and Herculano Castro Keywords: Autism; Technology; Multimedia Technology plays...> MORE

A New Tool For Autism

Author/s: Herculano Castro Keywords: Autism; Technology; Outcomes Mentaur, in conjunction with the...> MORE

Growing Older With Autism

Author/s: Shekhar Mukherji Keywords: Autism; Ageing There are a host of challenges for people growing...> MORE

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