Mentaur Group Series of Workshops

Mentaur Group
Date: 9th October - 20th November, 2013
Location: Northampton, U.K.

As part of the on-going actions to celebrate Mentaur's 25th anniversary, Mentaur organized a series of workshops to reflect on Mentaur's commitment to provide growth enhancing care and support for the highest quality reaching out to people with disabilities with integrity and constant innovation.

The aim was to cover a variety of themes within social care, promoting our acquired expertise, knowledge and experience and by empowering people to get involved and develop their individual skills.

The workshops programme can be downloaded in the attachment section bellow and short summaries and workshop presentations are available below:

Date: 9th October 2013
Presenters: Isabel Melo and Shekhar Mukherji
Workshop: Mentaur Ltd. - 25 years of commitment!


Shekhar Mukherji and Isabel Melo founded Mentaur Ltd. in the late 80’s. As Mentaur Group directors they endorse Mentaur philosophy and values. Their workshop: ‘Mentaur Ltd. / 25 years of commitment ’ presented an overview of the company since its foundation.

Highlighting the changes faced by the care sector in the late 80’s, it offered its attendants insightful information on the challenges and opportunities that Mentaur faced throughout the years.

Although the aim of the workshop was to emphasize Mentaur’s past, attendants also had the opportunity of understanding the company’s present efforts in research and projections for the future.

Date: 16th October 2013
Presenters: Jovita Vieira
Workshop: MCS - A person centered approach

Jovita Vieira started at MCS at the founding stage. She is now MCS’s Registered Manager.

Her knowledge and experience allowed attendants to gather information on MCS’s philosophy and procedures regarding domiciliary care. The workshop highlighted MCS’s person centered approach as well as the logistics of selecting the best suitable care and support for MCS’s clients. Working within Personal Assistant models and how it differs from the organisation and structure of a residential home.

Date: 23rd October 2013
Presenters: Geraldine Rudge
Workshop: Human Resources in social care

Geraldine Rudge has been working in Human Resources since 1993 and joined Mentaur Ltd. in 2012 as Human Resources Manager. 
Her daily tasks include a wide variety of responsibilities and the aim of this workshop was to give staff a better understanding of the Human Resources Department and its role within Mentaur.

In addition, this workshop intended to empower its attendants with useful skills and therefore the presentation also focused on interview skills - such as how to conduct oneself in an interview, the do’s and don’ts and best practices.

Date: 30th October 2013
Presenters: Mónica Melo
Workshop: Training and IT in social care

*See Prezi at the bottom of the page

Mónica Melo has been working with Mentaur since 1995 as Training and Purchasing Manager. She has been in charge of training and IT since she has joined Mentaur team and it has provided her with a thorough knowledge of the company’s procedures. Her workshop started by focusing on the legal requirements from social care regulating bodies/organisations and Mentaur’s expectations. This followed a short overview on the Managers and Senior staff’s responsibilities and the importance of working closely with the Training Department. Before the session ends, she also highlighted procedures regarding training and IT as well as the benefits and outcomes derived from Mentaur’s upgrade to an IT system.

Date: 6th November 2013
Presenters: Natalie Maningham
Workshop: Frontline support in residential care

Natalie Manningham is a support worker for Evergreen House, her workshop focused on the specificity of her job role.

The term “frontline support” is used to refer to a large number of individuals. During the first half of the workshop, the workings of support staff was explored in terms of what the role entails, qualities associated with workers and the reasons why people chose to work in this sector. The second half of the workshop considers the state of the care sector as it is and some of the difficulties faced by both residents and staff. Given the predicted increase in demand, this leads onto a discussion about the potential difficulties that may be faced in the future if such problems are not resolved.

Date: 13th November 2013
Presenters: Kurayi Chiimba and Ana Domingues
Workshop: Management in residential care:

Kurayi Chiimba and Ana Domingues are both Managers at Mentaur Ltd. Kurayi is an experienced Manager and Ana has been with Mentaur for around 2 years. The workshop was a great opportunity for both to share their work experience and knowledge with colleagues. It also allowed for both managers to share ideas, knowledge and experience in a beneficial way for both.

The workshop focused on several aspects of a manager’s duties and responsibilities: internal and external support networks, safeguarding of vulnerable adults and managers difficulties on a daily basis.

Both presenters found it very rewarding, especially in regards to the participants feedback throughout the workshop.

Date: 20th November 2013
Presenters: Herculano Castro
Workshop: Research and innovation in social care

Herculano Castro has been with Mentaur for the past 5 years and is now Mentaur Group Operations Manager and Autism Lead. His workshop focused on Mentaur Group’s approach on the role of research and innovation in its areas of work. It highlighted Mentaur’s national conferences on Dementia in Learning Disability; Growing Older with Autism and Personalisation as well as our presentations in other national and international conferences. The workshop also presented an overview of the company’s current research interests and its innovative types of services offered. 


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